Consistency of query against N1QL DP3

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The team is working on the definitions of how queries should work with respect to data changes and a future release should cover what you’re looking for. To my knowledge, DP3 doesn’t have the options you need at the moment.

One option that I’ve not tried, but may be pretty elegant given the enhancements in Couchbase Server 3.0, would be to run it and modify N1QL’s source to always do a stale=false view query. This would be a workaround, but not a bad one given the enhancement in view performance in Couchbase Server 3.0.

Thank you for this information. I think, that this workaround can be good in first step.
When can we expect new release with some workaround ?

I was recommending you change the source to N1QL to implement this as a workaround. While the future can change, as of this writing it looks from the issue tracker that this is targeted to DP4 in MB-10944.


We don’t have a specific date yet for this feature, but I would estimate a couple of months.

Hi, do you have any new news about this issue ?


This will be implemented in the next few days. After that, you can get the fix by building from source, or you can wait for the next DP or Beta release in a few weeks.


I waited for DP4 and unfortunately nothing has been changed. :disappointed:
So can you explain me in details, how i can modify N1QL source ?
…I don’t know how to do this “modify N1QL’s source to always do a stale=false view query.”

Hi, the issue MB-10944 is fixed and is part of the upcoming release and it is part of the code already. Could you explain why you need stale=false all the time? N1QL does provide a large set of options for consistency and there may be other options that could help you satify the requirement without taking the ‘strict-consistency’ hit.

Also, you don’t need to edit the source; just build it. What platform do you want to run it on? We may be able to send you a binary.

I need MacOSX and Linux.
Thank you !

Do you need binaries for both or either one of them would do ? I’ll build the binaries and send you the drop box links.


Thank you for your willingness but I already have binaries for both systems