Connection issues with password protected buckets

Since we upgraded to the latest v2+ SDK we seem to have issues connecting to buckets with passwords. We would create a single instance of the bucket connection and the first request seemed to work, but any subsequent requests would fail with an error “Cannot perform operations on a shutdown bucket”. I found this forum post ( that suggested removing the password which ended up working. BUT, we really need to have some security on the buckets. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the Node sdk to work with password protected buckets??

Hey jasonfill,

The “Cannot perform operations on a shutdown bucket” error occurs when you have a password protected bucket, and use the incorrect password to connect. You would normally receive an error callback, but if this is not handled and you attempt to perform an operation, you will be warned that the bucket is not actually connected (because of authentication failure). You seem to believe that your first operation succeeds, which makes me suspect that the password is not incorrect. Do you have any further information that may help direct us to a cause?

Cheers, Brett

Ok that is interesting, perhaps the password changed and I was not aware. Let me do some testing and I will let you know. I thought that first request was successful, but again maybe I am wrong. I will post back with my findings.