Connection error in couchbase schema, dotnet sdk -3.4

if I use the connection string as “couchbases://”
then the cluster is connected fine but
when I use Couchbase as a scheme -

it shows a timeout error in the cluster connection
my code is as follows

 var options = new ClusterOptions().WithCredentials(UserName, Password);
  _cluster = Cluster.ConnectAsync(ConnectionString, options).GetAwaiter().
   // Wait for the cluster to bootstrap and become ready

And if I don’t use waitunitreadyAsync and directly call queryAsync then it gives the following error

Service n1ql is either not configured or cannot be reached. Check logs for details.

is there any particular option to add if wish not to use TLS connection?

@ruchita.oza -

Couchbase Cappella Cloud expects to use TLS to communicate between the application and the server. I don’t believe you can skip the use of “couchbases://”. You can disable cert verification via options, but I don’t suggest you do this.

Out of curiousity - do you have a particular reason for not wanting to use TLS? In the latest SDK’s, we are automatically bundling the public CA for Capella so there shouldn’t be any extra friction for you as a developer. Do you have any other feedback?

we’re building a connector for couchbase capella so want to provide all facilities to the clients

Capella requires TLS in order to provide the most secure solution that we can.

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