Connection_closed error while querying view

When trying to query some view (~4M documents in view, nearly 400M in bucket) via CURL I’m getting errors with the enigmatic reason "connection_closed”.
I’ve used the “collect logs” function which is in UI but this generated a very large amount of logs. Analyzing it shows nothing useful at first glance.
How to find any bits of information that may lead us to resolve the error? Below you can find CURL and Errors array from response:


curl --location -g ‚{user}:{password}@couch06.{somedomain.tld}:8092/{bucket_name}/_design/{doc_name}/_view/{view_name}?inclusive_end=true&reduce=false&startkey=[%22x%22]&endkey=[%22xxx%22]’

Json Errors object:









How many seconds before the messages appear? I suspect the query nodes disconnected because of timeouts.

It actually runs for a few minutes with mixed results, but 9/10 times there is “connection_error”. Different results during the tests came out, most often between 400k and 1.6M - I guess I wasn’t precise with the description. Additionally, the total_rows key always looks like a valid number (~4M). The CURL tests should fetch the entire view, but actually in the code we use batches of 50k with the same results.
It looks like this:

  1. send Curl request
  2. works under a minute,
  3. pause for a few minutes with 0 kbps download
  4. ends json with errors.

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