Connection close

WebSocket connection closed by peer 11001

getting above error while a connection with android

What’s the URL you’re connecting to?
Did any error show up in the Sync Gateway log?

How can I check Sync Gateway log? I am using below dependency:

implementation ‘com.couchbase.lite:couchbase-lite-android:2.7.0’

getting below logs:

ReplicatorChange{replicator=Replicator{@84dac64,<-,Database{@58eedf6, name=‘company-3’},URLEndpoint{url=ws://...***:5984/company-3}], status=Status{activityLevel=CONNECTING, progress=Progress{completed=0, total=0}, error=CouchbaseLiteException{CouchbaseLite,10404,‘Object Not Found’}}}

You’re running a Sync Gateway server, right? Look at what it’s logging. If you’re just invoking it from the command line it logs to stderr, but if it’s installed as part of Couchbase Server the logs to to a file; I think the admin console lets you view them.

Hello @jens I will continue with coucbaselite version 1.4.4 because it is compatible with couchdb databases… Well thanks for the help.

Note for future readers, this is documented with a big scary warning box and 1.x is far past its end of life and will no longer receive any updates or support.