Connecting to couchbase running in a kubernetes cluster (AWS EKS)

Hi ,
We are running couchbase in a aws eks cluster. The worker nodes are hosted in a private subnet and the couchbase console is accessed via AWS load balancer.

I would like to update certain documents using Java running outside of kubernetes cluster. I was reading to establish connection with the eks couchbase cluster but couldn’t understand how to access the couchbase cluster from outside.

There are many nodeport services and varios ports . Any idea what to do ?

Do I need to create a aws LB and point it to any particular node port service and use the LB host in my java code ?

any help is appreciated. Thanks


Hi and welcome @Surendra_Singh

The documentation on the operator covers the various networking options.

To perform well and be responsive to changes in the cluster, the SDK knows the topology of the system. Loadbalancers are generally only appropriate when the underlying resources are homogenous. So, no, don’t just set up an aws loadbalancer. There are options depending on where you’re running things. Have a look at the docs and let us know if you have a more specific question.