Connect to Cloudant with the client Java SDK

I created a Database in Cloudant (
I am using the Java SDK: couchbase-client v1.1.8 to connect

I try various buckets names “”, “defaults”, myBaseName but I always have the error message:
Configuration for bucket “xxx” was not found in server list

Did someone experienced this already?
Are the API incompatible?


I think your are confusing the two companies. Cloudant is a DBaas (Database As A Service) of CouchDB. Couchbase is Memcached + CouchDB product which uses a SDK to do CRUD operation. So the SDK will not work with Cloudant.

As househippo said, Cloudant is a DB as a Service that use HTTP a main protocol.

Couchbase use Memcached protocol between client and cluster. So you need to install Couchbase yourself on your infrastructure or EC2 (or other IaaS). You can also use Clever Cloud PaaS that provides Couchbase as a Service.

I have created a small tutorial about Clever Cloud available here: