Connect 2022 Call for Presentations


Connect as a virtual event in 2022 has been cancelled. We are exploring ways to bring it back in-person, with no defined timeline currently. While we started down the path of having a virtual, one-day event in October, two important data points influenced our decision to cancel the virtual event:

  1. As awesome as virtual-events can be, we believe that the magic really happens in person. When we announced Connect 2022 earlier this year, the COVID landscape looked very bleak. Today, things are looking much better and we are now confident we can return to an in-person event. This pivot will of course require a bit more time to plan.

  2. Moving Connect out has the benefit of giving us more time to continue building and investing in our developer community. This next edition of Connect will largely be designed to be a developer event, the more developers we can engage and inspire to participate, the better!

Thanks to everyone who submitted talks to the CFP. Your work and suggestions will not go to waste, as we will follow up with you to discuss how we might repurpose your idea this year.

Until then, please don’t hesitate to ask here if you have any questions!

Connect 2022 , Couchbase’s flagship conference will open its (virtual) doors to the world this year on October 6, 2022 and we’re excited to be opening our call for presentations today!

The conference brings our global community of database developers, architects, partners, customers, and NoSQL thought-leaders together for major product updates, amazing demos and inspiring customer and partner testimonials, all in a virtual and interactive format that enables easy networking and knowledge-sharing.

What we are looking for at Connect 2022

Expert Developer Experiences and Advice for Newcomers

How are you incorporating Couchbase into your development stack? What have you learned and what advice would you offer to your peers. We want to hear from Java, Scala, JavaScript, C#, .NET, Go, Ruby, and Python developers. We want to know your tips for using GraphQL, Node.js, Spring, ASP.NET, and other frameworks and tools. Partners are encouraged to demonstrate cross-product integrations as well.

Couchbase Capella™ Success

DevOps and cloud architects who have tried Couchbase Capella, our hosted Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), are encouraged to share your tales of success and experience.

Database Best Practices

Deploying distributed database applications can be complex. We want to hear your design tips for scaling database services, using Kubernetes, query language best practices, index optimization, building for high availability, or migrating and refactoring relational database-powered applications into Couchbase.

Modern Applications and Mobile Use Cases

As a database application developer, tell us about your database modernization journey, especially when delivering personalized experiences that achieved escape velocity and transformed your business.

We can’t wait to start reviewing proposals from the community and we look forward to what promises to be the best Connect conference yet!

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