Conflicts deleting documents after gateway resync

I tried to change the channel (one and only channel ,for example ‘model’ to ‘newmodel’), then called the 3 sync api: db/_offline , db/_resync, db/_online.
I can see that in couchbase admin panel all docs get updated in revision and assigned to ‘newmodel’ channel.
Then I tried to delete a document that comes from api call to all_docs (I noticed that all docs come with an old revision id and not the latest one, also refreshing the page and calling all_docs it gives the same result) and of course deletion returns a conflict in revision. What should I do the right way?How conflicts should be managed?Why all_docs doesn’t send the latest revision ids but a previous one?

What is the version number of the Couchbase stack that you are using?

I use couchbaselite phonegap plugin v.1.4.0, Couchbase server v.4.6.2, sync-gateway v. 1.4.1-3.