Compiling Moxi from source

I’m trying to compile Moxi from source using an Alpine linux base distribution. Having satisfied all the system dependencies, there’s an issue where ./config/ can’t find m4/version.m4, when using the latest (2.5.0) release from GItHub (couchbase/moxi).

Likewise, trying to compile from the GitHub master is apparently missing the Makefile and configure…

Is this at all possible? If not, is there any way to get support for non .deb/.rpm Linux distros? Is Moxi no longer being supported?

Any help is much appreciated! We don’t want to have to run a full Ubuntu, Debian or RedHat installation for such a simple single app.

I don’t know how up-to-date the actual build files in moxi itself are - we’ve moved to using CMake as the build system of choice; driven by the build scripts couchbase/tlm.

The quickest option is probably to build the whole of Couchbase from source (see then just grab the moxi binaries from there and use them. I think that’s how the official RPMs / DEBs are constructed.