Compatibility and/or support with OpenSearch

Hi there,

Amazon recently released their first version of OpenSearch which replaces their Elasticsearch Service on AWS. Is there going to be support for compatibility with this forked version? If there is, would it be a separate connector or would this still be the main connector to use?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for raising this issue.

We have historically supported Amazon’s hosted Elasticsearch Service. In the short term, Amazon OpenSearch is just a fork of Elasticsearch 7.10.2, which is a version we support. Based on statements Amazon has made about API compatibilty, the existing Couchbase Elasticsearch connector should be compatible with all 1.x versions of Amazon’s OpenSearch.

I think it’s safe to say we want Couchbase users to be successful, regardless of which side they pick in this battle.

If we end up having a separate connector for OpenSearch, it will likely be extremely similar to the existing Elasticsearch connector in terms of how it is configured and deployed.

I’ll have a chat with Product Manager @AV25242 and see if/when we can make a stronger statement about OpenSearch support.