Compaction every 30 seconds for every bucket


Does anyone know the reason why data compaction repeats automatically every 30 seconds?

Couchbase Server Community 6.0-6.6, File debug.log.

[ns_server:debug,2020-10-14T08:06:33.580Z,ns_1@<0.535.0>:compaction_scheduler:schedule_next:60]Finished compaction for compact_kv too soon. Next run will be in 30s*
[ns_server:debug,2020-10-14T08:07:03.303Z,ns_1@<0.535.0>:compaction_scheduler:schedule_next:60]Finished compaction for compact_views too soon. Next run will be in 30s*

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Hello @jarka,

That is not compaction running, that is the process to check if a compaction is required. The best way to monitor compaction is in the UI under fragmentation stats. There is also more logging around compaction in the memcached.log.

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