Code 12008 :Error performing bulk get operation - starting with bulkget exceeded MaxBulkRetries

I am trying to perform the below operation in N1ql

SET d.children= ARRAY l FOR l IN d.children WHEN l.childId != “123456” END
WHERE ANY v IN d.children SATISFIES v.childId = “123456” END;

Index created as follows
CREATE INDEX ix1 ON Test (DISTINCT ARRAY v.childId FOR v IN children END);

This query works fine when performing delete for less number of documents

When trying to perform delete for bulk docs i.e around 36k I am seeing the below error
code”: 12008,
“msg”: “Error performing bulk get operation - cause: {1 errors, starting with bulkget exceeded MaxBulkRetries for test"

Note: Using couchbase Community Edition 6.5.1 build 6299

The error means there might be too many mutations are going on it might be slow to perform operation

WHERE  ANY v IN children SATISFIES v.childId = "123456" END;

Post the explain .

@vsr1 .Will this delete query perform the same operation as that of the update query? I do not want to delete the entire document but only remove a specific node from an array present in all the documents of couchbase. Please let me know if any other details needed.
Adding retry logic while executing the N1QL queries is the only option?
Could you please help on this?

If you need to update array that is not delete. It is update statement

Yes I am using update query only to update the array nut since too many documents getting the bulk get error.
So is there any solution in N1QL ?

Try small batches or add LIMIT to update and use scan_consistency to to catch index between updates

Ok .Didnot understand much about the scan consistency .