CMOS monitoring vs Native CB monitoring


The CMOS documentation didn’t provide the answers I needed for these questions. Can someone help me understand them?

  1. How do the KPIs from CMOS compare to those from a Native CB cluster?
  2. In terms of integrating KPIs, how do CMOS and the Native CB cluster differ?
  3. When should one use CMOS versus the Native CB cluster?
  4. Is a license necessary for using CMOS?
  5. Is the Couchbase Cluster Monitor component of CMOS free for use?
  6. Can CMOS be deployed without the Couchbase Cluster Monitor?
  7. If Mobileum is deploying one or more Couchbase clusters on customer-provided infrastructure that already includes Prometheus, Grafana, and AlertManager, do we still need to deploy CMOS?