Cluster Views returns 'badarg'

After setting up a cluster (one machine to 3 machine), and upgrading servers from Couchbase 2.5 to 3.0 .
and adding 2 more machines , to the cluster ( 3 machines total).
Im getting these unexpected behavior.
One machine , returns correct result from a viewquery (non error reuslt).
the other two machines returns the following error .

{ '0': { [Error: REST error: unknown_error] code: 4104, reason: 'badarg' },

this behavior happens booth from the web console , and using the node.js sdk .
Any sugestions ?

can you by chance share more info - when you do it from the web console - what the actual error and http response is? As well as what query string/code are you using to trigger that error?

The issue was solved ,
The problem was caused by bad Installation , of cluster (bad IT work) .
I dont really know the details, but after recreating the cluster solved this issue .