Cluster stuck in compatibility mode after upgrade

After upgrading cluster from community-4.5.0 to community 5.0.0 (build 3519) we have it stuck in compatibility mode:

This cluster contains multiple server versions and is running in 4.5 compatibility mode.

Logs show:

Unsuccessful user storage upgrade

…which would suggest what we were hit by, which should be fixed in build 3336 (we are running 3519).

Please advise.

Exact error log message:

Unsuccessful user storage upgrade.

I have exactly the same problem.

I have 2 instances in my cluster and I’m sure that the both upgrades went smoothly without error messages that would explain this status.

This seems to be casused by read-only user. Unfortunately, 5.0.0 does not allow to remove it.

@RogerP What did work was:

  1. adding a new 4.5.0 node (docker) to the cluster (no rebalance),
  2. logging in on to 4.5.0 node and removing read-only user,
  3. canceling node add on 5.0.0 node.

I did not re-add the user since I no longer need it, but re-adding it after should work just fine.


Koder, thanks a lot for this hint, it took me some time but it finally worked like you described!

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Had this same issue on 5.0.1 and was able to resolve with @koder 's above steps