Cluster.query function readOnly option not working

As per the doc N1QL REST API | Couchbase Docs

readOnly options is used to stop user from executing data manipulation queries

But when i try to use the same with nodejs SDK the below code executes the insert query and does not throw any error

But when i try the same using REST API below it works as expected

Let me know how can i achieve the same with Nodejs sdk

Desh Naik

Hello @desh_naik which version of Node sdk are you using ?

HI @AV25242 i am using 4.1 version

Hello @desh_naik , this looks like an issue . I have created a ticket to track this

thanks for reporting this, we will try to fix this as soon as possible.

HI @AV25242 thank you. We are trying to use this feature on our production … so if possible can i please know by when i can expect the fix to be done ?

See if Node.js allows to set options via raw interface (I am not expert). If allows set readonly via that and see if that works.

Example: .NET client has this option QueryOptions.Raw Method
QueryOptions (Couchbase Java SDK 3.3.2 API) raw()

HI @vsr1 i tried with raw option too but still it does not work … anyway thank you for the suggestion

Hi @desh_naik

I looked into the issue and the server does not honour the readonly option in prepared queries. Because of a bug in the SDK (, all queries are prepared. Until this is fixed, you can workaround it by explicitly setting ahoc to true in the query options.

const options = { readOnly: true, adhoc: true }

@desh_naik that seems to be right, I verified it as well can you use this as a workaround in the meanwhile ?

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thank you so much @jrawsthorne @AV25242 really appreciate the quick solution an response