Cluster End Point Connection Refused on RedHat Openshift

[saravasiyeyigit@zero crc-linux-1.24.0-amd64] oc get pods -n couchbase NAME READY STATUS RESTARTS AGE couchbase-operator-5698fdd999-kvkzb 1/1 Running 1 113m couchbase-operator-admission-6854c5b6b9-bbtmm 1/1 Running 0 114m couchbase-testdb-0000 0/1 Running 0 74m [saravasiyeyigit@zero crc-linux-1.24.0-amd64]

Although the couchbase database is running, it gives " connect: connection refused.
Will you please help me identify the issue.
Best regards;

Sarav Asiye Yigit

@Sarav_Asiye_Yigit Seems that Couchbase Server isn’t coming up for some reason and binding to port 8091. Can you please check if there is some other service is running on port 8091? Access the Couchbase Server User Interface | Couchbase Docs should give some clues