Client pool doesn't recover after failure (client 1.3.11 / server 2.2.0)

When I fail a node, the clients continue happily until I add the node back and rebalance.
About halfway through the rebalance, some nodes will disconnect and never reconnect.

The clients are established in a static method on application start. Any insight into what’s going on when they fail to recover, and what to do about it?

@jmcgill_public -

Can you post client logs?

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Okay to attach here? Or I can dropbox?

You can create an NCBC and attach them here:

Have you considered updating to the v2.1.0 of the SDK? I suggest you do.


We have two problems upgrading to 2.1.x, first is that we can’t bring the project into .NET 4.5 (It’s a very big set of projects, and couchbase caching is a tiny piece of it), and second is that the 2.1.x API seems wildly different, starting with the lack of a CouchbaseClient object.

I’m working on a test case that will generate logs to show what’s happening and I’ll put it in the jira (NCBC).

This is true, 2.1.0 requires .NET 4.5 or greater and the API has changed; there is a ClusterHelper object that can help with the integration, however, it’s in the main Couchbase namespace.

The level of effort behind migrating a very large project to .NET 4.5 is prohibitive. The API changes would not be too hard, but it’s surprisingly difficult to migrate the project.