CL Starter - The type or namespace Manager could not be found are you missing a using directive

Hello, I’m trying to add Couchbase Lite on my Xamarin project. I followed the steps described here
but i get this error : "The type or namespace Manager could not be found are you missing a using directive"
I get the same error 10 times, one for every CL classes: Manager, Database, Dictionnary, Uri, etc.
It seems I’m missing a using directive. but the code sample dont show any using directive…

Why the namespace structure of the Couchbase lite API is not documented nowhere? Is there a reason for that? Is there a place where I can see the namespace to uses CL classes with?

help please. :slight_smile:

You can find the API documentation for 1.4.1 here. Also in general the IDE you use can usually figure out the using statements for you. Is that not the case in this situation?

Thank you for the answer, and for the link.
I’m using Visual Studio for mac. I added the nuget package Couchbase.Lite.Storage.SystemSQLite 1.4.1 in the project and it seems I’m doing something wrong.

in the doc the namespace Couchbase.Lite contains lot of classes : Manager, Database, Documents… but in my project in VS that namespace seems to contain only the class Cursor and 2 sub namespaces Storage and Store that do not contain much.

You should add Couchbase.Lite (the main package). It will add system SQLite by default. You don’t need to add it manually.

Thank you for your help. it works now.
I’m just starting the adventure. May be you need to update the “Getting started” guide in mobile developper portal.

Here is a screenshot from the exact page you linked:

Step 2 seems pretty clear to me…

You’re right! My fault. Sorry for the unfair criticism.
thank you for your help

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You earn a like for actually responding with an apology! A rare thing on the Internet these days. I get sensitive to “unfair criticism” as you put it since there is plenty of fair criticism that exists already :smiley: so sorry if I seemed snarky.