We are getting “CHANNEL_CLOSED_WHILE_IN_FLIGHT” errors on our application. We started to get this error after we updated the Kotlin SDK 1.0.1. We investigated the problem there is no problem with our application as we can see. Also, we don’t get this error always, it is rare. Could you please help us?

[com.couchbase.request][RequestNotRetriedEvent] Request QueryRequest not retried per RetryStrategy (Reason: CHANNEL_CLOSED_WHILE_IN_FLIGHT) {'cancelled':true,'completed':true,'idempotent':false,'reason':'NO_MORE_RETRIES (CHANNEL_CLOSED_WHILE_IN_FLIGHT)','requestType':'QueryRequest',

Hello @mhmtszr please help providing a little more information it will help us investigate.

So are you saying you upgraded from Kotlin SDK 1.0 to 1.0.1 and you started seeing this error ? Are you seeing this error upon certain kind of operation ? or are you seeing it with the connectivity ?
Which version of CB are you using ?


We see these errors in 1.0 and 1.0.1(We decreased the version and tested it). We are getting this error mostly from our queries(we can get the error from the different queries).

Couchbase version: 6.6.2

Hi Mehmet,

Sorry for the delayed response – this post slipped under my radar.


The underlying channel on the endpoint closed while this operation was still in-flight and we do not have a response yet.

Some component is closing the network connection before the server has a chance to send the complete response. I would investigate whether there’s an impatient firewall in between the client and server that could be closing the client’s HTTP connections to the query service. You could also check the Couchbase logs to see if there’s any indication that the server is intentionally closing the connection prematurely.

The next time you see this happen, please can you capture and share a bit more context from the logs?