Changes latency


If I sync two iOS devices via a sync gateway on the local network the latency is quite low to transfer a document between them, certain less than a second, but if I am watching a changes feed using the rest api and add a document, also using the rest api, then it takes roughly four seconds to appear in the changes.

Why is this?

I want to use a changes feed a bit like a message queue for dispatching events but this is just too slow. I would like to avoid setting up a parallel service if possible. Is there anything I do anything to reduce this latency?



Hi can you provide a bit more detail please - Are youwrapping the entire block of data to be sync-ed each time ?

Hi Paul,

You shouldn’t see slower response time when calling _changes on the REST API than you do from the iOS devices - the iOS devices are using the same REST API for replication.

Can you share some more specifics about the REST API calls you’re making?



No I’m just adding a single small doc and its taking a while to appear in changes


Hi Adam,

I have reconfigured my dev server so I might have just broken the whole thing somehow and made everything slow. I will test with iOS clients tomorrow to check.