Change log scrub sensitivity for specific log domains

Is it possible to change the sensitivity level for specific domains? It looks like the emitter outputs the document content being added to a view, and we’d like to supress those message but keep others that contain document IDs and revisions, etc.

Is this possible? Here is the configuration we are currently using:

@pkramer Looks like the config didn’t show up in the forum post. Looks like you forgot to attach.

No that functionality is not possible. Going forward this is actually going to work in a new way. It will not be a pre-log function, but rather tag everything so that an external process can remove things post-log so I don’t think this feature will be accepted.

So with the new way, everything will be logged and then we’d have to have a process that removes anything that is tagged with “sensitive”?

Basically yes. We are trying to align with the way that Couchbase Server does log redaction. Currently Sync Gateway is undergoing this process and then Couchbase Lite is next.

EDIT This means that the Couchbase Server log redaction tool would also process logs for mobile