Certificate details in couchbase exporter

Hi Team,

We are using couchbase exporter version 1.6.0 and we want to monitor the certificate expiry date in grafana, but we don’t see that metrics in this exporter. Can you please help us to monitor the same.

Hi Team,

Can anyone please update on this asap.

Hi @pruthvi, do you perhaps mean Couchbase Exporter 1.0.6 rather than 1.6.0?

There is no need to use an exporter any more, as Couchbase Server contains a native metrics scrape point from version 7.0 onwards.

As for monitoring certificate expiry, that’s not something that we expose in Couchbase Server, but perhaps something like this, which is generic enough to be used with any service:

How we eliminated service outages from ‘certificate expired’ by setting up alerts with Grafana and Prometheus

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