Certificate Authentication for ASP.Net Session State Management

Hi Team,

I am using CouchbaseAspNet Version 3.0.0 nuget package for managing Session State.

sessionState cookieless=“false” regenerateExpiredSessionId=“true” mode=“Custom” customProvider=“Couchbase”>
add name=“Couchbase” timeout=“20”
type=“Couchbase.AspNet.Session.CouchbaseSessionStateProvider, Couchbase.AspNet,
Version=, Culture=neutral, publicKeyToken=be12d0a2da0eb156”
bucket=“bucketname” username=“username” password=“password” bootstrapStrategy=“inline”
servers=“serverUri” useSsl=“true” prefix=“app1” throwOnError=“false” />

I want to get rid of username and password attributes and replace it with Certificate authentication ( As I have done for other CRUD operations using Couchbase.NetClient package).

Can you suggest the best approach to go ahead? Or any other way I can manage Session store wherein I can use Certificate authentication rather than Credentials.?

@Paresh -

There is no direct integration with cert authentication and Web.config files, however, there is a work around described here that should work.

If you wish the feature to be added, you can either create an issue on its github page or push a pull-request if you already have a solution th at you would wish to contribute. Note that the SDK itself doesn’t support configuring cert authentication via web.config files, but you could file a Jira ticket and it may be added to a future release.