CentOS 6.5 infuencing the speed of geting SeiralizableDocument?

i used two kinds of OS about CentOS6.2 and CentOS6.5,it was different speed when i get the SeiralizableDocument ,in CentOS6.5 it was very slowly,Does couchbase 4.0+ doesn’t support CentOS 6.5?

This seems to be related to the Java SDK SerializableDocument, correct? I wouldn’t expect any differences between the two. It might be worth verifying you were using the same JVM and looking into whether there was a difference in the hardware between the two different systems.

oh,i doesn’t describe completly, the couchbase was on CentOS 6.2 and CentOS6.5, i run my application in the same windows system,and the jvm was same

Is the CentOS node a VM also running on the same Windows machine, a remote machine across the network, or something else? What is the ping latency to each node?

Can you characterize the two CentOS systems in terms of CPU/memory/network capabilities?

A strict answer to your question is that both are supported and expected to be the same performance if all other things are equal. My suspicion is that there may be something other than the OS causing the performance difference.

CentOS 6.5 is a real machine about 6 cpus 32GB ram,the CentOS 6.2 is a VM on vSphere, i find that when i get SeiralizableDocument from couchbase on the CentOS 6.2 it was fast,when i get with CentOS 6.5 it was slowly.Then i installed CentOS 6.5 on a VM it was also slowly when i get SeiralizableDocument

Can you characterize “fast” and “slow” more objectively? Are we talking about 20ms at max 95th percentile versus 200ms? Those are fake numbers, but you see what I’m looking for.

I don’t know of any reason this should be, but with a bit more information, I can open an issue. It’d be great if you could run something that’d easily reproduce results like pillowfight or RoadRunner.

yes, on CentOS 6.2 per ms get one doc. On CentOS 6.5 every 200 milliseconds get one doc

i find one reason influence the performence,the client’s system,when i run my application on windows it is slower than run on linux

Sounds like you’ve found the problem? If you can describe the problem sufficiently, I can open an issue to reproduce.

i use wireshark to capture packages,i find in CentOS 6.5 when a doc is a little big that one package can not hold,it will happen sending the second doc’s package to client slowly