CBS stuck in warmup unhealthy state after power outage

Hi, I created a 3 node cluster and pulled the power plug for hardware shutdown. After next poweron, cluster doesn’t return to original state. I have followed all recommendations like THP, swappiness, cpu cores, still doesn’t work.

[root@vagrant-centos6 ~]# /opt/couchbase/bin/couchbase-cli server-list -c localhost -u Administrator -p abc123
ns_1@ warmup active
ns_1@ unhealthy active
ns_1@ unhealthy active

Server stop and restart doesn’t help. I had to uninstall rpm and reinstall, create buckets etc.


Sounds like they have already been deleted, but if you could share the logs - specifically the babysitter log - that would assist in seeing what’s wrong.

what does unhealthy active status means ? in my cluster after failover node is stuck in this state and not able to do server-add , since it is already part of cluster.