Cbopctl couldn't find gcp authentication


I am trying to run the cbopctl command but it throw an exception "No Auth Provider found for name “gcp”
However in my $Home/.kube/config there is auth named tcp and the env. var KUBECONFIG point to this file.

Any suggestion what am I missing?


Hi Yaniv,

My sincere apologies for the lateness of my reply. You are doing it correctly :slight_smile:

In Operator releases 1.0.0-1.1.0 this tool only supports X.509 based Kubernetes authentication. In 1.2.0 we will have support EKS (and others…), this will be coming early next year.

In the mean time, as we only create and use the Kubernetes client when submitting the CouchbaseCluster resource to K8S, you can validate your configuration with cbopctl create -f my.yaml --dry-run then actually commit it with kubectl create -f my.yaml.

As we need to access the cluster for cbopctl apply operations (to get the existing resource and validate invariant attributes) this cannot be used at all I’m afraid. Just use cbopctl create --dry-run again, then kubectl apply for now.