CBL: On mobile, sync for the documents for a specific channel is complete but it's not available on mobile

I’m using Xamarin CBL v2.8.6.

In the app, once the user is logged, the app will sync the documents for a specific channel (one-shot) from the server.

The issue is that sometimes the sync is complete with status - stopped but all the documents in that channel are not available on the mobile side. It would take a few more seconds for all the documents for that channel to be available. Also, the Replicator is not throwing any type of errors or exceptions.

Is there any way to know when the sync is ‘really’ complete with all its documents ready to be accessed from the mobile side?

hi @Ehtved
I would start from here Data Sync using Sync Gateway | Couchbase Docs

Do you mean after the replicator is stopped? In general, after the replicator is stopped, there shouldn’t be any more activities to pull the documents from the server. You may enable logs on CBL side to see what is happening b/w the replicator is stopped and the code that checks if all docs from the channel are pulled.