CBL & Android Version Mapping

Dear Experts,

I have implemented Android native application with below version details:

Android Version - 5.1
Couchbase Lite version - 2.1.0
SyncGateway version - 2.1.0
Couchbase Server - 5.1.1

We are using community License. Now we want to update the application so that it can be compatible with Android 11. We are just making the app compatible as it is with Android11 without changing any functionality/features. Do I really need to upgrade the CBL and/or SyncGateway version ?

Is there any documentation that can help me regarding this ? or maybe someone created a project before. Mind to share the github repo with me ?

Thanks in advance!

You shouldn’t have to upgrade CBL or Sync Gateway. Minimal support version of Android API on CBL is API22 and SGW is completely independent of the CBL OS version.

If you are having issues, let us know.

That said, 2.1 is a very old version and I’d strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest 2.8.1 version of CBL - the minor releases are backwards compatible and the upgrade should be seamless (the only change is the init() call as specified in docs).

Note that upgrade of CBL to 2.8.x does not require corresponding upgrade of SGW to 2.8.x if that’s something that cannot be done be done right away. So you can stagger the upgrade.

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Thank you for detailed response. This really helped us to decide our approach. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now we have planned to upgrade the entire CouchBase Environment. Means we are updating

    • CouchBase Server to from 5.1.1 to 6.5
    • CouchBaseLite from 2.1 to 2.7
    • CouchBase SyncGateway from 2.1 to 2.7

I have three questions here:

  1. Is there any recommended sequence to upgrade these ? (for example CBL/CB Server first, SyncGateway later)

  2. When we upgrade the CBL, how to handled the device stored data which is not synced with server?

  3. Any documents/forum for standard way to upgrade CBL from 2.1 to 2.7 for Android Platform?

Thanks in advance!

Not necessarily. You will need to follow the compatibility matrix to ensure CBS and SG compatibility. As for SG and CBL- you are just upgrading a minor release so you can do it in any order.

Nothing has to be done. The data is persisted in the database. Updating the version of CBL will not get rid of the data.

There is nothing special here. Just link to the latest one and build - have you tried in your test environment? . You must read the release notes of releases 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 to check for any API deprecations etc.

Also, any reason you are not upgrading to 2.8 of CBL and SGW? Thats our latest release

Thanks Priya for the detailed response!
We have not done the migration in past and it was on hold because of other client priorities. Now we are planning to do the migration and the versions are getting upgraded.

I read through your reply above and understood that it will be easy and recommended to migrate to CBL v2.8

But at same time we are also planning to migrate all respective components like Couchbase Server and SyncGateway, Can you please help me with below things:

  1. URL having compatible matrix for SyncGateway and Cocuhbase Server (CBL to SyncGateway is already there in above answer)
  2. Documentation for migration of CouchBase SyncGateway from 2.1 to 2.8.0. What will the required expected changes.

Thanks in advance!