CBL 2.5 DocumentReplication event fires twice for a single push of a document

I write a new Document to the Couchbase Lite database on iOS. I run a continuous push replicator to push this new Document to the server. Then I listen to the DocumentReplication event to Purge the Document from the client so it will only exist on the server. The Document ID is triggered in the event twice. The event fires, it contains the document ID, says it was pushed. Then the event fires again, contains the same document ID, says it was pushed. The 2nd time the document was already purged so it can no longer be purged (again). I can make a workaround to check if the document still exists, but

I am wondering if the event firing twice with the same document ID is a bug or a feature?

Sounds like a bug. Could you turn on sync and database logging and post the relevant part of the logs?

It seems to have been related to the problems here because now it has stopped doing it. Events are again only firing once as normal. ¯\(ツ)