CBL Enterprise Version for iOS and Android?

I see there is CBL released in Enterprise version for UWP. I was wondering if there is plan for iOS or Android? And, would non Enterprise version of iOS and Android work well with CBL.Enterprise or should use plain CBL?

Yes there will a EE version of Xamarin releases coming out …very likely with 2.1 release in couple of months.

No, you will have to use Community Edition. As discussed here

I should be able to use CBL Enterprise and CBL UWP Enterprise for UWP projects while my Visual Studio Solution has other iOS and Android projects where I would use CBL (non Enterprise) and iOS/Android non Enterprise. Assuming this should be fine, right?

Same disclaimer as the other thread that I made: Enterprise edition is not free for production so beware of that. The Nuget installer will force you to click to accept the license so be sure you have reviewed it.