Cbdocloader isn't loading views with v4

We had setup our development process to use cbdocloader as a way to populate couchbase in dev and test environments. Something has changed in version 4 which has broken this process. I have confirmed that this is broken even with the samples that ship with couchbase (i tested beer-samples). The change seems related to the use of “_id” in the documents. If this field is present, docs simply don’t load at all. However, I have tried different variations just to find a workaround which will be similar, but have had no luck. I have found no way to indicate the proper key for a design doc so that it will load properly under views instead of just as a regular doc.

Is this change on purpose? Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi, Thank you for reporting this issue. Can you please help providing more info?

Please also file a issue here.