CB lite not being removed with app uninstall


We are facing an issue with CB lite, when certain users uninstalle our app it does not delete couchbase lite, So when the user re-installes the app again, same old data is present . How can I remove couchbase lite completly from an Android device upon app uninstall ?

tested on Crosscall core-x3 phone.


Try disabling the Android auto backup feature which automatically backs up user data.
Also, curious why the “old data” is a concern- If the data has changed on the servers, the updates should get pulled down from the server on subsequent launch (unless the app is launched in standalone mode)

thanks I will try disabling auto backup.
the old data is a concern because data did not change on the server side, and I want to create a new document on the mobile side and push it. However, the old document is always found localy (after uninstall) on the device and prevents creating a new recent document.

Hmm…if the data didn’t change on server side, aren’t you concerned that it will be synced down from the server by the app during launch ?
Looks like I am missing something but why do you need to (re)create the document instead of updating it with new data.

suppose you want to know if the user login and password was used on another device, if so we create new document if the device does not contain the old document.