CB Lite .NET (Android) Version 1.0.4 to 1.1.2 Upgrade Issue Couldn't compile SQL

When some of our users upgrade from CB Lite .NET Android Version 1.0.4 to 1.1.2 they get hundreds of errors like (where each error has different json as it relates to user specific data in storage):
v1_upgrader Message: Couldn’t compile SQL "INSERT INTO maps_3 (sequence, key, value) VALUES (492, \"866838020541344\", {\"AssetCode\":\"DC13\",\"CBPermissionsUpdated\":\"2016-01-21 10:42:21\",\"cb_deleted\":\"0\",\"cb_mode\":\"\",\"cb_synced\":\"2016-01-21 15:08:51\",\"cb_type\":\"DC\",\"mode\":\"Test\",\"mrFieldworkerId\":\"88f34e83-37af-4b81-9207-78adece2e0f8\",\"pin\":\"\",\"_id\":\"add562bb-c8f7-4a08-859c-2cf78df117ee\",\"_rev\":\"3-beef80f986286d61bd214ce8264c0cdf\"}" : “unrecognized token: “{””

Is this a known issue?

Sorry I missed this, I must have seen Android and not realized this was about Xamarin. This is not a known issue (I’ve never seen it before). Has this been a Xamarin.Android only app or has there been some interaction with other platforms (native android or native ios, etc)