CB Lite 2.0: purge after successful push replication

I am using CB Lite to send logs from the mobile devices to a central backend log store. I would like to purge the local CB docs, that contain the log messages, as soon as they are pushed to the server. I think CB Lite 1.4 had an option for doing this as part of the replication setup.
Will 2.0 have a similar feature ? If not how would you recommend to implement this ?

There isn’t anything that allows you set automatic purges of documents after replication.
That said, we do not have support for “local documents” in CBM 2.0 (@jens can corroborate).

If you are looking for local-only storage options, you can create a separate database that’s local only by not setting it up for replication or you can exclude that documentId from the push replication filter (although that would mean that you track the list of document ids to push up).

If you want to delete local documents, we do have purge() API in CBM 2.0 that you can use to remove the documents .