Category proliferation

In going through the category list, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed with the large number of “* SDK” categories. In addition to taking a lot of time to read through all of them and process whether they are what I’m looking for, as a user, there is still ambiguity.

For example, should I choose .NET SDK or Couchbase Mobile if I want to ask a question about Couchbase Lite for .NET? It’s not clear, and I suspect many will mistakenly choose .NET SDK.

I propose that we instead use a single Client Libraries category, and take advantage of tagging to differentiate language communities (e.g. Ruby, .NET, Java, etc.). This also looks quite nice on the category list page (see the “Couchbase Mobile” category as an example). It allows for efficient filtering, and resolves the noise and ambiguity problems.

The main reason we had to maintain the current categories at the time of transition was for migration/import from the old tag based system to the new category based system. Note that even now, we don’t have tags, but rather we have subcategories.

I do agree though, and I’ve that as a backlog item to look into when possible.