Can't undeploy function after dropping bucket and cluster restart

I restarted the cluster and dropped the bucket. But the Eventing for is still trying to deploy.
When I try to undeploy I get this error below

How do I remove the eventing function and start from scratch?

Should I remove the eventing service (via rebalancing out) and add it back?

The above worked.
In Production is there a method to stop deployment of functions besides REST via Admin GUI?


If you ever run into pickle like this please run the following curl request which would cleanup all eventing functions. Before you do that do not forget to take backup of all those functions.

curl http://<eventing_node_ip>:8096/cleanupEventing -u Administrator:password -v

This API should only be used for testing purposes. Also there is no guarantee that this will be supported in future.

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Hi - the intent is for “Undeploy” operation to be always available. In the above scenario, it should have been possible to undeploy the handler and start over afresh. It is a bug that it is not allowed when eventing handler is in bootstrap and will be fixed shortly. I’ve logged MB-28667 to track the same. There may already be another issue tracking this, but we’ll investigate and fix shortly.