Can't start sync gateway as service

I can start sync gateway properly from the command line:

./sync_gateway config.json

but when I try to start it as service it won’t start


Gives me this error:

The sync_gateway runtime user account does not exist “sync_gateway”.

What is wrong?
I’m on Ubuntu 14.04.


This means that the script it looking for a ‘sync_gateway’ user on Ubuntu. The script is assuming it already exist so you need to create it. And this is actually on the Readme:


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Thanks man.
I don’t know how I setup sync gateway on another server without creating sync_gateway user. It’s created on the server but not by me! Is it possible that a script has been created the sync_gateway user?

I don’t think so, at least I can’t see any scripts we have on the Sync Gateway github repo that would do that.

Hi @hsharghi

I use the following command and they work just fine :
service sync_gateway start
service sync_gateway stop
service sync_gateway restart
service sync_gateway status