Cant get grocery sync project to run on android studio 1.5


I have cloned the project using
git clone

then imported the project into android studio and got:
Error:Configuration with name ‘default’ not found.

Hey @thezluf,

You would need to import in the Couchbase Lite libraries into the project. After cloning the project…
$ cd couchbase-lite-android
this is found under the ‘libraries’ folder. From within the ‘couchbase-lite-android’ folder, execute the command:
git submodule update --init --recursive

In your Android Studio, re-sync your Gradle files and the error should disappear. I have also updated the GrocerySync-Android project instructions to list this step more explicitly.

Hope this helps!

Hi I did the same thing as you have mentioned. The above issue is solve but now on building the app it gave me this error:

Execution failed for task’:libraries:couchbase-lite-java-forestdb:buildBative’

A problem occurred starting process ‘command’ null/ndk-build

Can you please help??