Can't connect to the server after running Couchbase 4 D.P


I’ve been using Couchbase Server 3 on my mac as a development server. I just downloaded version 4 then ran it one time. Now…when I run the version 3, I can’t connect to the admin UI. I get ‘ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED’.

How do I fix this?

Since in-place upgrade is not supported with the 4.0 DP, you’ll probably need to move or delete everything in ~/Library/Application Support/Couchbase. Of course, doing so is data destructive, so back it up or move it accordingly. Stop it first from the icon in the menu bar, then delete/move, then start it.

@ingenthr The problem I’m facing is that I can’t even access my data from the previous version since the server is not accessible as I’ve described in my original post.