Can't append to array using SD.array_append

Hey, I am simply trying to append to an array using the Python SDK 3.0 . The following is my code.

cb = cluster.bucket('kikabucket1')
#cb.mutate_in('kristina1', [SD.upsert('beautiful', '20')])
cb.mutate_in('kristina', ["kika", SD.array_append("", "amazing", "breathtaking", "inspiring")])

This is the error log

> cb.mutate_in('kristina', ["kika", SD.array_append("", "amazing", "breathtaking", "inspiring")])
>   File "/Users/kiluas/Desktop/kika/lib/python3.8/site-packages/couchbase_core/", line 378, in mutate_in
>     return super(Client, self).mutate_in(key, tuple(specs), **kwargs)
> couchbase.exceptions.InvalidArgumentException: <Expected tuple for spec, C Source=(src/oputil.c,784), OBJ='kika'>

Hello @kiluas welcome to the group

can you try this instead ?

collection.mutate_in(“kika”, [SD.array_append("", “amazing”, “breathtaking”, “inspiring”)])

assuming kika is your array name

The actual syntax from the docs is

collection.mutate_in(“my_array”, [SD.array_append("", “elem1”, “elem2”, “elem3”)])