Cannot get values for keys, due to serialization problem

I use client.get(KEY), where KEY is the string key, the way I see it in Top keys table, via the HTTP page of couchbase, for the specific bucket.

The error I am getting is this:
2014-01-10 12:19:19.505 WARN net.spy.memcached.transcoders.SerializingTranscoder: Undecodeable with flags fa00

whereas the return object is null.
Any ideas on what’s happening?

Furthermore, when I use another bucket and use again client.get(KEY), i am getting

2014-01-10 12:33:07.912 WARN net.spy.memcached.transcoders.SerializingTranscoder:  Failed to decompress data Not in GZIP format
	at net.spy.memcached.transcoders.BaseSerializingTranscoder.decompress(
	at net.spy.memcached.transcoders.SerializingTranscoder.decode(
	at net.spy.memcached.transcoders.TranscodeService$
	at net.spy.memcached.transcoders.TranscodeService$
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

Could you please provide assistance on solving these issues?
thanks in advance

Are you using another client to write those values? Could you try to use some memcached console tool to dump the key with flags?

For example, libcouchbase2-bin package installs ‘cbc cat’ which accept key list as argument and dumpts their content with flags.

read getting started with C client for more info about libcouchbase

Hello avsej.
first of all, i would like to thank you for your comment. I believe that the team that inserts the data in the bucket, use PHP. However my tests suites are all in java, and for uniformity reasons, i would like to use java to extract and process the data.Not to mention, that I am clueless in C!
Serialization and transcoding are some very difficult topics in java, and I cannot continue my work.
If anyone could provide some assistance, i would be most grateful


I am also facing the same issue. If any update in this problem guide me to solve.

Could you install libcouchbase2-bin (installation guide here and show us output of

$ cbc cat YOUR_KEY_HERE

In case you are not using couchbase server on localhost, you should specify correct address/bucket (see for more info)