Cannot authenticate SSL certificate from .Net Client

I did it but still couldn’t.

var config = new ClientConfiguration();
config.Servers = new List
new Uri(“http://couchbasebaseclusternode1”)

config.EnableCertificateAuthentication = true;
config.CertificateFactory = CertificateFactory.GetCertificatesFromStore(new CertificateStoreOptions
StoreLocation = StoreLocation.LocalMachine,
StoreName = StoreName.TrustedPeople,
X509FindType = X509FindType.FindByThumbprint,
FindValue = “”

var cluster = new Cluster(config);
var bucket = cluster.OpenBucket("");

Hi @nickjonson -

Is this a duplicate post of SSL Cert authentication from .Net Client? If so, you should continue with that post. If not, you’ll need to provide additional information to help diagnose:

  • SDK logs

  • Stacktrace etc

  • Steps taken to setup Cert Authentication.

Most likely the issue is generating and/or configuring the certificate and installing it in the client server correctly.