Can you test Query object on document?

If I have a docuemnt, is it possible to test if this docuemnt answer to some query I have?
For example
Query q = QueryBuilder … . . … …// build a query
Document doc = mDatabase.getDocument(id)
//print that doc is valid
//print that doc is related to that query


Not sure I follow your requirement. If you do a Query Select on document Ids then you will automatically get the document Ids that meet the Query criteria.

I don’t wish to execute query on the db.
Let’s say I have a document and “where” expression (Or query object). Is there a way to check : If I were to perform the query on the db, is this this document would come up?

No, there’s no way to do that.

I guess I’ll have to find another solution for my problem.

Just translate the logic of the WHERE portion of your query into code, and execute that.