Can you enable query + index service on an existing 1 node cluster?


We have a single node cluster for testing.

I just upgraded the cluster to 4.0 by adding a 4.0 server to the v3 node and then doing a fail-over through the UI following these docs:

I did it using the UI and at no point did it ask me to enable query + index server.

Now that I want to try using N1QL I get an error saying no query service enabled. Is there anyway to enable the query & index service on the existing node?


There is no way to reset the service,you can remove the node and initialize it then re-join in the cluster

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Thanks hubo - yes, we ended up doing that. Hopefully CB will update their Couchbase-rolling-upgrades blog post to account for the additional services :smile:

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How do I do this in one-node cluster? I’m using the 4.0.0 CE AMI provided by Couchbase, Inc. Index and query services were ticked when I did setup using the UI, but they didn’t become active as expected.

I just had the same issue after upgrading our 6-node cluster. Only the last re-added 4.0 node had Index/Query services enabled, the others only Data. I guess removing/rebalancing/readding all nodes once more is the only option?

So how do I do this in practice in one-node cluster?

Hi folks, we do have a few restrictions on the services side with 4.0 and 4.1.

  • an existing nodes service assignment cannot be changed without removing it and adding it back.
  • during the upgrade from 3x or 2x to 4.x, you cannot introduce services. You need to remove each node and add it back with services enabled.
    This does create an inconvenience for upgrading a single node and getting all services enabled. On a single node, you need to uninstall and reinstall to get all services.

Could you fix the Couchbase AMI so that people could use it without doing such uninstall & reinstall procedure?

Thanks for letting us know. We will be fixing the AMI’s soon so that you can initialize services at setup time.

sorry for a long time i have not log on , you can backup your data,then reinstall the couchbase:slightly_smiling:

Reminds me of Windows 95, when all answers to “how do I fix problem X” were “reinstall”.

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