Can the upload/download status of attachment blobs be tracked in CBL .Net?

Is there a way to track the upload and download status of the Attachment blobs in Couchbase Lite? We are using the .Net version, and monitoring the Replication status as well as completedChangesCount and changesCount only seem to apply to documents, and does not take into account attachments.

Attachments are not treated as a separate entity to documents, so it should be the case that if you have a revision of a document then you have all of its attachments. If this is not the case then it is a mistake, so let me know.

@borrrden I’ll look into it further, but if that is the case then we still won’t know when attachments are pushed up.

According to, It looks like the iOS version of CBL has the following but I don’t see the equivalent in the .Net version:

The .pendingDocumentIDs property and -isDocumentPending: method allow you to check which documents have local changes that haven’t yet been pushed to the server.

This was included into .NET after the 1.1.1 release and will be available in 1.2 (or now if you want to compile the project yourself)

Good to know that its coming in 1.2. Another reason to look forward to the release :smile: