Can SyncGateway auth user via facebook by a proxy?

For some reason,I can not access facebook api directly from my SyncGateway server.
Is there any config let SyncGateway call facebook api by a proxy?
such as proxy server,proxy port etc.

The only Sync Gateway config that relates to Facebook is for user authentication with Facebook.
See this guide

If you need to store other data from the FB api, you can request that data in your app with the client SDKs and store it in Couchbase documents.

Can you explain a bit more what you’re trying to do?

Thank you for reply.
I am try to run the TodoLite demo, but my server can not connect to Facebook api. and I want to custom the auth method.

Oh I see.
I introduced a bug by mistake when forgetting to request the user email in the FB permissions.
This commit fixed it
Might be why FB login isn’t working when you run the app.
Can you try the latest master for TodoLite Android. Might be worth deleting the todo lite from your fb apps in your Facebook account to reset the permissions.
If the error occurs again, can you paste the Sync Gateway logs here? Thanks

ok,On my server,I think the problem might be the proxy issue(I use a ssh vpn to access facebook api). the log like this:

23:05:34.038893 WARNING: Couldn’t interpret error type url.Error, value Get x509: certificate is valid for www, , not – base.ErrorAsHTTPStatus() at error.go:63
23:05:34.038963 HTTP: #283: --> 500 Internal error: Get
&fields=id%2Cname%2Cemail: x509: certificate is valid for www
******, *******************, not (456.5 ms)