Can N1QL query 2 Fields in a select clause?

I have the scenario where i want my user to search his contact list by name, which is easy to do if he enters one name i can just search first and last name fields for a match of the string like.

WHERE _type = ‘contact’ and ( d.first_name like $1 or d.last_name like $1 )

to make it even better i can convert user input and field to lowercase to ensure we match case insensitive.
But lets say is there a simple way to search for a string which might be 2 words across the first and last name filed ?
Like where first + last like ‘Tom Miller’

WHERE _type = "contact" 
AND ( LOWER(d.first_name) LIKE LOWER($1) OR  LOWER(d.last_name)  LIKE  LOWER($1) )

If you are looking index each OR clause must have right index.

The following can be done with single index.

CREATE INDEX  ix1 ON default( DISTINCT ARRAY LOWER(v) FOR v IN [first_name, last_name] END) WHERE _type = "contact";
FROM default AS d
WHERE d._type = "contact" AND ANY v IN [d.first_name, d.last_name]  SATISFIES lower(v) LIKE  LOWER($1) END;