Can I use couchbase-lite-java at this stage for an offline application?


I am trying to build couchbase-lite-java in order to use for an offline desktop version of a POS SaaS that will run on Windows/OSX.

I built following the instructions provided on the github project, but I am not able to use the “Manager” via constructor or “getSharedInstance()” method :

getSharedInstance() is not a valid API call on Android. Pure java version coming soon

Am I on a wrong way or this is not possible at the moment ?


Hey @doru_chiulan,

Based on the Couchbase-lite-java-core, this method not currently available.

What is the scenario you are trying to do or create?

Hi, I was just trying to see how to use couchbase-lite-java. Luckily, after some digging, I was able to create an instance of “Manager” by using “JavaContext” as the context parameter.